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FCC Project Planner

FCC Project Planner

This is a helpful Project Planner for Franklin Covey Compact size notebooks. This handy form is ideal to help plan, manage, and document projects. Included are spaces for project name, description, planning steps, actions including who is responsible & start/end dates, project milestones with planned/actual dates, and notes. 

  • Meeting planner and manager for the Franklin Covey Compact size notebook.
  • Includes project name, description, purpose, constraints, budget, completion dates, activities, responsibilities, start/end dates, milestones, planned/actual completion dates, and notes.
  • Punched with 2 groups of 3 holes spaced 3/4" (19mm) with 2" (51mm) between the groups to fit the Franklin Covey Compact notebook.
  • Includes 50 sheets.
  • Page size is 4.25" x 6.75". Printed on very high quality heavy weight paper (120 gsm), with a silky smooth writing surface.