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FCC Monthly Tabs for Planner Top Edge (2 Sets)

FCC Monthly Tabs for Planner Top Edge (2 Sets)

PLEASE NOTE! If you also buy the planner from Handy Forms and you use this kit to apply your own top tabs, you can add a note to the planner order (check the box "Notes About Order") asking that tabs be omitted.

We offer this handy kit if you want to apply tabs to the top edge of your compact size (personal wide) planner. The kit includes 2 strips of our standard monthly tabs, instructions for applying the tabs, and a template guide to help position that tabs along the top edge. The planner is not included. There are 2 options available. The 6-across option creates 2 rows of tabs, JAN-JUN, and JUL-DEC. (See picture.) For the 12-across option, the tabs are slightly smaller and it creates a single row of tabs JAN-DEC. (See picture.) The appropriate template is included with each option.