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FCC Weekly Planner, 2 Pages per Week, 2 Pages per Month, No Lines, No Appt Times, Style A

FCC Weekly Planner, 2 Pages per Week, 2 Pages per Month, No Lines, No Appt Times, Style A

This is a complete monthly and weekly planner insert for the popular Franklin Covey Compact notebook and others. It is fully dated. The page size is 4.25" x 6.75". There are 2 pages per week with Monday through Wednesday on the left, and Thursday through Sunday on the right. Weeks begin with Monday. The weekly pages have separate blocks for each day, and include US Holidays and observances. For Monday through Friday, each block is about 2" x 3" and include 10 lines for writing. Saturday and Sunday are about 1" x 3" with 5 lines for writing. The monthly calendars provide 2 pages per month, and tabs are included for each month. The monthly pages are merged into the weekly pages so that the monthly spread comes just before the weekly spread containing the first day of that month. Also included are yearly calendars for current year and next year.

  • Compact size weekly and monthly planner fully dated. Lines in weekly and monthly blocks. Includes yearly calendars for 2016 and 2017.
  • 2 pages per month monthly planner with tabs. 2 pages per week.
  • Includes yearly calendars for current year and next year.
  • Page size is 4.25" x 6.75". High quality, heavy weight, ultra smooth paper. Acid-free. Paper produced from FSC certified forests.
  • Punched with 2 groups of 3 holes spaced 3/4" (19mm) with 2" (51mm) between the groups to fit the Franklin Covey Compact size binders, and others.

The style of monthly spread can be selected as:

No Monthly Pages: The monthly spreads are omitted, i.e. the planner is weekly only.

6 column: Mon-Tue-Wed on the left, Thu-Fri-Sat/Sun on the right.

7 column: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu (or Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed) on the left and Fri-Sat-Sun (or Thu-Fri-Sat) on the right, plus notes and mini-calendars for coming months. End-of-month orphaned days have separate blocks.

8 column similar to 7 column above, except end-of-month orphaned days share blocks.

Please select the above links for examples of 6 column, 7 column, and 8 column monthly styles.