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FCS Daily Planner, 2 Pages per Day, 6 Pages per Month (Style A Special)

FCS Daily Planner, 2 Pages per Day, 6 Pages per Month (Style A Special)

  • Daily and monthly planner for 7-Ring Franklin-Covey style planners and similar junior size notebooks. 
  • 4 pages per month monthly planning with tabs. 2 pages per day. Includes a page for "Monthly Highlights" and "Monthly Reflections"
  • Notes page can optionally be positioned on the left side or on the right.
  • Each day includes appointment slots, things to do checklist with priorities, and a page for notes, plus mini calendars for planning.
  • To-Do list is divided into "Work", "Family/Home", and "Personal" (These headings can be changed via options.)
  • Includes yearly calendars for current year and next year, plus a yearly Summary View spread
  • Page size is 5.5" x 8.5". High quality, heavy weight, ultra smooth paper. Acid-free. Paper produced from FSC certified forests.
  • Punched with 7 holes for 7-ring Franklin-Covey style junior size notebooks.

This is a daily and monthly planner insert for the popular 7-ring Franklin-Covey style junior size notebooks. It is produced in 1 month sections, where each tabbed section contains 5 pages for the month: a planning page for the month, a 2 page monthly spread, monthly highlight planning list showing each day, a page for monthly action & follow-up, plus a final page for monthly reflections. Following the monthly pages are two pages for each day in that month. The page size is 5.5" x 8.5". It is fully dated. Each day includes time slots from 7:00am to 7:00pm, a To-Do list with priorities and check boxes is divided by default into "Work", "Family/Home", and "Personal" categories. These categories can be changed using an ordering option. A notes page is positioned on the right side by default, but can be changed to the left via an ordering option. The day also includes 2 mini monthly calendars for the current and following month. Holidays and observances are included. The week starting day can be selected as Sunday or Monday.  The monthly calendars provide 2 pages per month, with durable plastic tabs. Also included are yearly calendars for current year and next year. The style of monthly spread can be selected as:

6 column: Mon-Tue-Wed on the left, Thu-Fri-Sat/Sun on the right.

7 column: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu (or Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed) on the left and Fri-Sat-Sun (or Thu-Fri-Sat) on the right, plus notes and mini-calendars for coming months. End-of-month orphaned days have separate blocks.

8 column: similar to 7 column above, except end-of-month orphaned days share blocks.

Please refer to Franklin-Covey style Monthly products for examples of 6 column, 7 column, and 8 column styles.

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