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FPL Daily and Weekly Menu Planner (Week Start Sunday or Monday)

FPL Daily and Weekly Menu Planner (Week Start Sunday or Monday)

  • Menu Planner and Shopping List for the Filofax Personal size notebook.
  • Includes both weekly planning and daily planning, and includes a shopping list with room for 50 items across 6 store departments.
  • Week can start on either Sunday or Monday
  • Punched with 2 groups of 3 holes spaced 3/4" (19mm) with 2" (51mm) between the groups to fit the Filofax Personal notebook.
  • Includes 20 weekly planner pages, 20 daily pages, and 20 shopping list pages
  • Page size is 3.7" x 6.75". Printed on very high quality heavy weight paper (120 gsm), with a silky smooth writing surface.

Planning meals, especially for a busy family with entertainment, school functions, work commitments, and community activities can be very challenging. What are we having for dinner next Thursday? What do I have to shop for? How many people will be at the table? This handy form for your Filofax Personal size planner can help. It combines 3 different forms: (1) a weekly meal planner for each day, including breakfast, lunch, snacks (or hors d'oeurves), and dinner; (2) a daily meal planner for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, including the number of people, the time it has to be ready, each dish planned, the preparation time, plus special notes about the recipe, presentation, left overs, advanced prep, etc.; and (3) a shoppping list form separating items by store, date, and department, providing a check-off for items purchased.