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HPP Pocket-Plus Purchase / Expense Record

HPP Pocket-Plus Purchase / Expense Record

  • Expense record and check register for Pocket-Plus size notebooks.
  • Record date, payee, type of payment (check, credit card, debit card, cash), check#, credit card #, amount paid, balance forward, and additional information
  • Punched with 6 holes spaced 3/4" (19mm) to fit the Pocket-Plus size notebook.
  • 50 sheets per pack
  • Page size is 3.5" x 5". Printed on very high quality heavy weight paper (120 gsm), with a silky smooth writing surface.

If you carry a Pocket-Plus size organizer, this handy planner insert will help you keep track of payments and expenses, and can also be your check register. With the extra space on the back for notes, you can record business information such as expense purpose, receipt references, people present, etc.