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LVJ Login Reference

LVJ Login Reference

Frustrated remembering all the logins and passwords when using the internet? Here is a handy form to record the site name, login, and password, plus additional security information. But it's a dangerous thing to write all your passwords in one place, so we include recommendations for how to encode your written entries to make them secure. Includes 25 sheets.

The regular version has space for logins on the front of each page and extra information on the back. The alternate version (see the 3rd image) adds a second line for each login to contain the additional information. The front and back of the alternate version are the same.

  • Login reference for the Levenger Circa and Staples ARC Junior size notebook.
  • 25 sheets, enough space for 750 logins
  • Punched with 8 disc slots to fit the Levenger Circa and Staples ARC Junior size notebook.
  • Includes 25 sheets
  • Page size is 5.5" x 8.5". Printed on very high quality heavy weight paper (120 gsm), made from FSC certified forests, with a silky smooth writing surface.