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RTR Inch Field - 0.10 in

RTR Inch Field - 0.10 in

This insert is an inch version field grid, sized and punched for the Rite-in-the-Rain looseleaf 6-ring binder. The paper size is 4-5/8" x 7". There are 50 sheets in a pack. It is punched with 6 holes, spaced 19-19-51-19-19mm on the 7" side.

The field grid pages have a 0.10 inch spacing, printed on both sides. The 0.10 lines are light with a darker line every 5 divisions, or 1/2". 

The original Rite-in-the-Rain system features waterproof paper. The Handy Forms version features our standard 32# (120gsm) paper which is not waterproof. Waterproof paper is available at an extra cost.